Restorative Dentistry – Jacksonville, FL

Refresh Your Worn-Down Teeth

Enamel is very strong, but it cannot repair itself once it has been damaged. So, what can you do if you have a cracked, worn down, or decayed tooth? Instead of forcing yourself to live with the current state of your smile, we encourage you to call Altenbach Dentistry to ask about our restorative options. Dr. Altenbach can provide you with a dazzling new crown or lifelike fillings that will let you smile with confidence while also keeping your grin safe from further harm.

Why Choose Altenbach Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

  • High-Quality, Lifelike Materials
  • Friendly, Approachable Team
  • Technology-Forward Practice

Dental Crowns

If a tooth is too damaged for a filling but can still be salvaged, we may recommend a dental crown. We will customize said crown so that it fits perfectly over your tooth, restoring its original shape and protecting it from further damage. It will also help seal out harmful bacteria to protect the tooth from decay. Our office offers EMAX and zirconia crowns; both are very natural-looking and can be customized to blend in perfectly with your grin.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

To treat a cavity, first, we need to remove the decayed part of the tooth along with any harmful bacteria. Then, to replace what was lost, we can place a restoration known as a filling. We favor tooth-colored fillings made out of composite resin over traditional metal fillings. Composite resin can be shaded so that it matches the natural color of your teeth, and unlike metal, it won’t conduct heat, meaning it won’t contribute to the sensitivity that traditional metal fillings can sometimes cause.