Dental Savings Plan—Jacksonville, FL

The Altenbach Dentistry Membership Plan

Are you a part of the 50% of Americans that doesn’t have dental insurance? Think this makes going to the dentist simply not an option for you because of the expense? While that might be true at other offices, it isn’t the case at Altenbach Dentistry. With the Altenbach Dentistry Membership Plan, you can spend less and get more when it comes to taking care of your smile without having to deal with the typical hassles of traditional insurance.

What Is The Altenbach Dentistry Membership Plan?

Plan Benefits

  • Two Hygiene Exams
  • One Limited Emergency Exam
  • Two Routine Dental Cleanings
  • Two Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Two Fluoride Treatments
    (children ages 17 and under)
  • Any Necessary Routine X-Rays
  • 10% Off All Other Services if Paid
    on the Same Day!

VS. Dental Insurance

  • NO annual maximum
  • NO deductibles
  • NO waiting periods
  • NO pre-existing exclusions or limitations
  • NO pre-authorizations required
  • NO one will be denied coverage
  • NO waiting for open enrollment

What Does The Plan Cost?

  • First Member:
    $495 per year/or as low as $24 per month
  • Second Member (and Beyond):
    $445 per year/or as low as $21 per month

-These prices apply to members of the same household upward of two adults and children ages 0 to 18 years of age. $30 administrative fee waived if paid in full.

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